If you are thinking to make career in IT but have not prior background in IT, then  our training package is specially designed for you. You will be provided completely instructor-led online  training. Our highly experienced and certified trainers will help you to prepare and pass Certification exams. 

You will also have a chance to get hands on experienced, which is fully equipped with modern devices and technologies.  After completing this training package, you will have all necessary knowledge and skills that is demanded for IT  role.

This training package is comprised of globally recognized professional certifications. After completing the training and securing the certifications, you may be offered work placement as trainee staff and getting chance to apply your knowledge in real world environment. Reteicon is here to help you develop the digital skills that are in demand with top employers.

Reteicon  training will give you all the technical skills needed to start your first IT training role, or to help you progress in the field.

As well as essential technical skills to enter the industry, we’ll also help you to hone your soft skills,

including communication, collaborative working, problem-solving and working to deadlines in an agile environment.Previous experience isn’t necessary, but you must have an active interest in working in Web or Software Development. Reteicon focuses on making candidates as employable as possible, by giving them the skills, qualifications, and career and recruitment support needed to get into a Development role. Reteicon team have worked with candidates from all different backgrounds, to hone their skills and make sure they are fully equipped for their chosen career.

As crucial as technical skills are to a career in Software Development, employers are all looking for soft skills at the interview stage. This includes your people skills, your ability to communicate effectively and your listening skills.It’s equally important to prepare you for the inter-personal aspects of a role, alongside the technical skills. Our Career Support team will work with you throughout, helping you to develop your CV, build your confidence, prepare for interviews and put your learning into practice.

Every learner is an individual, requiring a different level of support to help them start their career.

We tailor all our employability training to each learner’s personal needs, finding the right balance to get you into your first role.Through a series of sessions and workshops, our team will expose you to real life scenarios including mock interviews, to make sure you get the most out of each opportunity.